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Cross of Christianity

Organic Divinity 

Expanding Your Divine Conscious Spirituality 

Expanding your divine conscious spirituality involves deepening your connection to the divine, whether you view it as a higher power, universal energy, or the essence of existence itself. We are always expanding our consciousness, and it is our soul's purpose for this life's existance. This expansion can take various forms, such as: **Exploring Beliefs:** Engaging in introspection to understand your beliefs about spirituality, life, and existence. This can involve studying different religious or philosophical perspectives. **Practices:** Adopting spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, or mindfulness to cultivate awareness and a deeper connection to the divine. **Learning:** Seeking knowledge through books, courses, or teachings that resonate with your spiritual journey, helping you gain insights and expand your understanding.**Connection:** Building relationships with like-minded individuals or communities who support and encourage your spiritual growth. **Reflection:** Taking time for reflection and contemplation to integrate spiritual experiences, insights, and lessons into your daily life.

Organic Divinity 

I am thrilled to share these stories with you because today in the 21st century, we are so busy living these lives that we get, and when we get entwined in certain life events, we tend to not see the divinity that is actually going on and working within and around you and the other people in that particular moment of time.  

And there are such beautiful stories that they must be shared. Do you understand? I have had the pleasure, and still do have the pleasure of working behind the chair as a professional hairdresser, and for 40 years as a makeup artist, aesthetician, owner, assistant, booth renter and about any other job within a hair salon, including management. I have had the pleasure of having met so many amazing people.

I have had the opportunity of having so many amazing people, grace my chair over these four decades, and I have learned so much from them that from both personally and professionally. And it is those stories that have propelled me and made me who I am today as well because I learned from them, and I applied them.

And I have had this very unique opportunity. I am this data collector. I am a detective, and I have these behaviors or these sets of behavior patterns that has given me this amazing gift of taking in data and then listening and processing and seeing some of the most obvious organic divinity that the good Lord our divine can even do, let alone show up, show and bestow upon us.  

And it is that organic divinity that has me finding and now experiencing a whole new level of calm. And that is why I want to share it with you,  

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