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Expanding Your Divine Conscious Spirituality

So many beautiful souls are sharing their well-intentioned memes, blogs and igrams and they can provide a soothing comfort to those on the journey of spiritual expansion. This journey can be described as spiritual madness, also and having experienced this myself, I know that the path is complete with personal lessons that one must learn to understand their own part in this aspect.

Today, when I read this one it resonated deeply within me because in my own growth, I see a point of difference. It is the difference between shining your light or sheltering it. A positive look at your journey is meant to expand your heart, mind, and soul, not keep it under the rug. Again, as well intentioned as it is, most intentions fall short of the real depth and insight that one needs to expand their divine conscious spirituality.

What not to do

I will let the picture standalone so as not to repeat the negative statements, and I encourage all to push back at me if you feel my perspective is missing the essential element of positive thinking and the principles of the law of attraction.

#1 -to keep your beautiful, spiritual growth completely inward is one of the reasons that this world is in the chaos that it is.

We have been backed into corners that on the surface may feel comfortable, but below the surface it is quite harmful and more importantly you are unaware of this harm. It is harmful to you and the collective to keep your beautiful journey so secret that you get the opposite effect because it will reduce the expansion of your divine conscious spirituality.

#2 One of the most important parts of a spiritual journey is exactly this- you must find your sacred self and love yourself enough to overcome any fear of what other people may say and or judge you by. Accept that everyone is on the same path of divine conscious love, to do otherwise is passing judgement on them in the same way you feel that you are judged. It is this fear alone that keeps us backed into the corners of spiritual growth. Drop the Mic.

#3 on the surface it may feel like you are maintaining your inner peace while you work on yourself however, it has an opposite consequence: because you are so afraid of judgment, you keep your light dimmed. And although it may feel good now, overtime that you are keeping to yourself has a way of niggling into your heart, mind, and soul in a less than positive way, and that is the negative energy that has the potential to attract more negative energy.

#4 there is nothing further from the truth that this will keep negative energy/influences away from you. When you are walking this beautiful path of divine conscious spirituality, it is the bright light within you that is attracting exactly the right people into your life at the right time. That is not possible when you keep your spiritual growth to yourself.

Yes, there are important parts of spiritual growth that you will not share with other people, however, the other 98% of it is something that you can and should share with the world. This does not mean that you must find a soapbox or a pulpit or even the right Facebook group. It simply means that you are open to all that the beautiful world of spiritual growth offers. Why? Because the light within you gets stronger and brighter every day; and it is this light that others will see and or sense within you.

Peace, love, and joy always, JoAnn!

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