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Huh? Metaphysical What?

How often have you walked into a meeting room or an office or even a hair salon, and somehow without even speaking to someone or walking further, you knew something was up or amiss? A tried and true statement I have used to describe this is, "wow, you can cut the tension with a knife!" Let me share with you what is going on by explaining a bit about what your meta-physical self is!

What we are sensing or "reading" in this moment is the low vibrational rate of an individual(s) because of their anger, grief, disconnectedness or other negative emotions, and it is a part of our metaphysical self. Negative emotions are at the bottom of a very small slice of our electromagnetic spectrum. Even when we put on our best happy face or even a party face, our energy system is sending out very low and slow vibes.

Conversely, when we attend parties or weddings or a "celebration" in general, we know within a nano-second of entering the home, or venue et. whether we are going to have an enjoyable time or not. Fortunetley, most celebrations are abuzz with good vibrations, enough people were at the high end of the scale. Some raise their vibes with alcohol, and others are genuinely happy to be a part of the celebration, and others are just happy people in general. And we always want to invite the latter to every event don't we?

When you are vibing with someone, the time spent together flows beautifully and when you are not? It can be just ok, or even not ok depending on the situation at hand. Think about your visits to your hairdresser. Not only do you "read" or assess their mood, but they are definitely assessing yours, consciously or not. Countless times my clients and I would be on the same exact wave length and we would be in a comfortable silence instead of talking.

What is interesting about my learning about our meta-physical self-thirty one years into this vast career is that through the lens of customer service, I only saw what I was doing as making them happy. Wait, what? Making someone happy in any way is raising their vibe! I have actually been raising the "vibes" for clients for four decades! It's funny to see it so beautifully different because I saw it as connecting with them, which it was, but now I understand what I am doing on a deeper and more important way.

So if I have been reading their energy this whole time, then it is safe to say that you too read energy in the same way. Whether at work, at play or just living life! This knowledge alone will start the process to raise your vibe. Diving in deeper and learning about this amazing part of you that seems to have eluded us up until now is that simple.

Through my personal experience and the experiences of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful souls gracing my chair, I want to use this breadth of knowledge as the basis for my class,

"Metaphysically Yours"! to help facilitate your raising your vibrational frequency! You can see the three ranges of one individuals rise in the above graphic. Over the course of seven months, he successfully raised his vibe is happier because of it.

Equally exciting to my class is that the very technology for capturing this part of our physical selves, our meta physical, is that I have the biofeedback system to show you, yourself! What's your vibe now? Would you like to be happier? More in tune with who you are and what you want to do these days?

Biofeedback technology is already in use today by our doctors, hospitals and other health beneficial avenues. Case in point, consider how your temperature is taken without the thermometer touching your physical body; the pulse-oximetry, how they oxygen flowing through your system without a needle or taking blood?

Learning and understanding that everything in our world, (including our meta-physical self), is actually based on vibration can be one of the most important aspects of your adult life to learn. This knowledge gives you a vital key to making connections and discovering so many POSITIVE aspects of yourself! there is way too much already of negative, vibe reducing aspects in our world today. Society seems to only point out what we are not, instead of what we are.

After all, we are what we think aren't we? A turn of phrase that has been used and over used without a strong and solid reason why it is so. Until now that is! In many energy readings I watch the clients thoughts go from negative to positive and sometimes back to negative after I ask them to think of something positive in their lives.

Click here to purchase your ticket, $25 for learning and understanding your metaphysical self! I look forward to seeing you there. Or not lol if we'd like to participate without video option in the zoom class! Thsts cool too, and a feature I appreciate myself in zoom!

I look forward to this and many more online classes, workshops and special events to help those interested in discovering this most amazing part of yourself and get a perspective that will raise your own vibes so that you can help me raise the vibes for all! It's sooooo much easier than you think! If I can do it, so can you!

Yours Truly,

JoAnn Frances

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