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It’s No Longer A Mystery!

Nikola and many other genius minds has taken energy to “rocket science“ level! From the Wright brothers, to the successful race to the moon, and now electric cars! Wow! How appreciative we all can be for what these people have brought to our lives! It's astronomical!

While they continue to push themselves and our world further than ever thought before, I want to bring the 411 of subtle energy, much closer to home! Why? Why? Because we use subtle energy every day, and it influences us in ways we may not be aware of! It is through my personal experiences and yours, that I want to share this important part of you! It is your metaphysical self. generationally, speaking, I have been reading your energy for 40 amazing years! And if you are of the age, that you thought you told your bartender, everything, I can promise you, you tell your hairdressers and barbers even more!

Which is why if I suggest that if you are seeking balance in body, mind and spirit and/or in heart, mind and soul, you should take this class You will enjoy learning about this aspect of yourself! It's about all that you are not what you're not.

Perhaps you are searching for answers to help you enjoy this amazing life you have built or are still building! Wouldn't it be nice to understand just what is influencing this sense of inner peace that you are after? Just as importantly, so you can give pause for a few moments to even see all that you have?

I invite you to sign up and attend my first online edutainment event, “Metaphysically Yours”! A zoom event to present a new perspective and an introduction into what is not part of our regular school curriculum, but is some of the most empowering information we can learn about ourselves going forward.

As a professional hairdresser for 40 years, what most have learned through a higher educational programs and degrees, I have learned by studying human nature, sociology, and yes, even psychology from behind the chair simply doing hair, and being present for each and every person in my chair,.

You were my teachers, my lecturers, my examples! You were, and still are the living and breathing examples of just how amazing and wonderful mist people truly are in their heart, mind and soul! And that is something that can never be taught in any school, it comes from experience!

You share things with your hairdressers that you don’t even share with your trained professionals! Let me explain why! Empower yourself, and discover all that you are.

My goal is to share this amazing world of subtle energy, and how it is influencing you in ways you are not aware of! Links to purchase tickets are in the comments!

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