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Keeping the Vibe

June 9, 2023

We had a wonderful evening, and it was definitely a universal success! I am eager to start with a heartfelt thank you to our beautiful DivineUniverse for aligning us for our first, "keeping the vibe" gathering!

And another huge thank you to all who attended and thank you for your trust in me, despite having a solid "objective", you came because you were curious and interested!

In a beautiful and truly universal fashion, we allowed the gathering to unfold as it was meant to instead of preparing it with written, objectives and agendas. We had some wonderful conversations and sound advice to share, and the topics were varied, beautiful and enlightening.

Thank you for all that attended and participated in this universal fashion.

It's about keeping a positive vibe in a world of chaos so we focus our conversations on all things that are positive instead of negative.

I'll be discussing the takeaways from our first monthly gathering over the course of these next few weeks.

To start with a big take away, we spent some time and shared strategies on how much this is a practice, a practice of maintaining a happier vibe/frequency while living life.

Simply by becoming aware of the this very fact will start your energetic self to build a momentum of positive energy. You you want a momentum of positive energy coming your way or would you rather a force of negative energy come your way?

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