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Memories Worth Their Salt

We are what we think, say, and do. Are you a person that believes in a glass half full instead of half empty? Then I challenge you to remove all negative aspects from your life. Stop repeating all the negative horror stories about employees, family members, previous friends, shopping experiences, dining experiences, etc.

The other day I had someone sharing a story with me about a health event in such vivid detail that I assumed it was a recent experience. When they said that it had happened 25 years ago, I almost dropped my shears because all the emotions that he had experienced all those years ago we're still highly charged and we're still rolling around in their energy system.

Choose the memories that you care to hold onto carefully, don't hold onto the memories that caused you pain and heartache by continually talking about them. That only invites more of the same heartache and pain negative energy. So why would you invite that?

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