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Negative Energy is Heavy

When you let go of negative aspects that robs you of positive energy, you feel so much lighter. As if someone physically removed a brick off of your shoulder. And that's because negative energy is much heavier than positive energy.

It weighs you down in ways you are not aware of. It often feels super comfortable, like that favorite T-shirt or news program. It can go without saying that the more negative energy you remove from your over thinking and powerful brain, the lighter you will feel.

And it's important to note that when you remove these negative aspects, the weightlessness of positive energy it will eventually show on this scale too! Would you be surprised to know that just becoming happier with yourself and who you are and where you in life can have a positive aspect on this scale to?

My class Metaphysically Yours" can give you some much-needed insight into how positive and negative energy influences your life!

This is not taught to us in school, but what is taught is to ignore it, put it in a box, wrap it with a bow and shove it in the closet, because you cannot afford to do anything else at that moment in time.

That my friends is how negative energy is stored within your metaphysical self. And negative energy has a way of making itself quite at home. And one day, when you least expect it, stored negative energy will rear its ugly head in a nefarious way.

Negative energy can become disordered, and then diseased if left alone to fester.

Learn about this ultra negative aspect of our human nature!

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