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Subtly Yours, Our Mission

The Mission of Your Interself is to facilitate your knowledge on the balance of power and subtle energy that flows through your physical body and makes up Your Interself, a deeply personal and powerful operating system.

Your personal power systems have its own set of unique patterns of energy that are customized and individualized by our personal histories, backgrounds, and beliefs. This system works simultaneously and effortlessly and in most cases, on a subconscious level you may not be aware of. This system is powered seven core sources of energy grounded in the ancient Chakra Systems that is practiced worldwide.

Now in 21st Century, we have entered into the age of subtle energy and its key to gain a full understanding of you and your POS navigate and circumnavigate the world we call home. We now live in a 24/7 Wi-Fi world, and we have adapted to this is ways unknown before. The internet has brought changes into our lives that are mixed with the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature!

It is time to learn your Personal Power System, how it operates in this new world, and how it influences and affects your overall Physical Self, Mental Self, Soular Self and Spiritual Self.

If you want to understand the world, you must understand yourself first, and learning about your self is a rewarding journey and can begin here at Interself Energy Healing.

Discover the gifts you possess and always have by learning actual energetic self and learn your Personal Archetypal Language to develop your and broaden your entire chakra system from within. It’s your soul, and your journey and JoAnn can facilitate your sojourn of intuitive self-healing. Much like a concierge, she can direct you to wherever it is you are looking to go on this journey of self-knowledge. Her intuitive nature is backed up by forty amazing years working with clients who have taught her some of the most profound lessons in life, and both on a personal level and a business one too.

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