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What's Your Vibration Rate?

When striving for balance in our body, mind and spirit, it is always a good idea to have a starting point or basis of understanding just what your energy levels are so that you can make a plan and even set a small goal to get your overall vibe up. Below are three examples of some varying vibrational readings taken from actual clients who have had their Biofeedback Personality/Aura testing done.

In the first picture it shows someone who is vibrating at a lower frequency that makes you susceptible to emotional upsets and a lower immune system. This is true even if they are all close with one another with some in the average/medium range or lower. As seen in the pictures, advice in the same report that offers a specific focus to help raise your vibe.

The second picture shows someone who is vibrating at what I call above the line! When we meet the mid ranges of frequency, we are feeling better, overall, and we are more in and soul.

And in this particular reading, the mental energy is above the other three, which is a wonderful indication they are clearing out a lot of negative energy by focusing on a positive way of thinking and doing! You are what you think right? So this individual is doing well with their overall balance of well being.

In our final picture, we have someone who is beautifully balanced and vibrating at the top of the mid-range of health and vitality! From here they can allow their focus to an overall increase of vibration and with very little effort because they have reached a balance of emotional, mental, physical and intuitive vibe(s)!

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